Seriously Playful


Fairtrade sugar, free-range eggs, glitter ✨, sass, bold designs and never any artificial flavours; The Bluehaired Baker was formed in 2016 by founder Rose at 21 to fuse her passion for baking, styling and care for sustainability into the business of her dreams. 

Lucky enough to be aware of her ideal career from a young age, Rose pushed on to achieve her goal of becoming a dessert queen. From running primary school baking classes, working as a pastry chef under pie connoisseur Chef Calum to securing her very own Spring POP-UP at Peckham Levels, years of dedication have enabled the precise and skilled creation of the colourful designs you see today. 

The Bluehaired Baker stands for delicious, vibrant, fun, exciting and loving creations. The literal proof in the pudding that you can have it all!


2018 working at HDR

2019 at my POP-UP


2020 now a baking mama!